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There are many ways pests problems can become noticeable. You may move some mulch in your landscaping and see hundreds of white winged insects underneath. You may wake up in the night to the not-so-pleasant song of a cricket in your home. You may hear buzzing when you go near a stump in your yard. You might see a fat rat scurry underneath a shed.

There are many ways pests can alert you to their presence. When you see them, it is important that you take action. If you take pests sightings as a warning sign, you can prevent bugs and rodents from causing sickness and property damage. Professional pest control in Macomb County is the solution.

Residential Pest Control In St. Clair Shores, MI

Bugs and rodents aren't just creepy houseguests. When pests get inside, they can create serious problems - some of which can impact you long before you notice you have a problem.

  • The last thing a property owner wants to see is white winged insects. Those are winged termites, and they are a warning sign of an infestation. You can prevent termite damage by getting annual termite inspections or having a termite control product installed around your home. Proactive protection can prevent termites from damaging your property for years.
  • The sound of a cricket is annoying. It is also a warning sign. If crickets can get into your home, other pests can get inside as well. Let that crickets song be a warning alarm that you need to address potential entry points in your exterior.
  • When you hear buzzing near a stump, it is likely that you have a yellow jacket problem. These wasps create nests in ground holes. If you ignore that buzzing sound, you could disturb that hidden nest sometime later by the vibration from your lawnmower. This can cause them to swarm.
  • When you see a rat, keep in mind that rats reproduce quickly and live in groups. You can have one or several groups on your property. If you do, these rodents can be damaging wood, chewing on wires, and contaminating the places they explore. They may also be bringing ticks and fleas into your home.
  • If you find a tiny insect that is a mere ⅛ of an inch crawling around in your bathroom, you might not think anything of it. We hope you take a closer look. It might be a carpet beetle. If it is a carpet beetle, you're going to want to do an inspection of your home to see if there are more. While carpet beetles won't damage your belongings, their larvae will. The appearance of carpet beetles is an indication that your home has been infested for months.

You can deter all of these pests and many more by getting year-round pest control for your St. Clair Shores home. Reach out to us at Maple Lane Pest Control for assistance.

Commercial Pest Control In St. Clair Shores, MI

If you own a business, it is important to take heed of warning signs. When pests go untreated, they can harm your business and impact your bottom line.

  • If you see holes developing at the base of door frames, you may have a rodent or carpenter ant problem.
  • If you have splintering beams in a crawlspace under your business, you might have wood-boring beetles.
  • If you notice mud structures on basement walls, subterranean termites could be damaging your property from the inside out.
  • If you see a cockroach in a dumpster, it is likely that roaches are getting into your business and causing contamination.
  • If you see tiny moths in a kitchen, pantry, or breakroom, they are a warning sign that food is contaminated.

Stay in front of pest problems by getting commercial pest control services for your business. Don't wait until pests are hard to ignore. It is always best to be proactive when it comes to common commercial pests in St. Clair Shores.

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your St. Clair Shores Yard

You know you have a mosquito problem when you get bitten by a mosquito. Mosquitoes aren't subtle. But, if you ignore the problem, mosquitoes can make you sick. It is likely that you know about West Nile virus and other mosquito-borne diseases, but you might not know the symptoms, and you may mistake mosquito-related sickness for a cold or flu.

Contact Maple Lane Pest Control for seasonal mosquito treatments to knock down adult mosquitoes on your property, and to prevent mosquitoes from breeding on your property.

Is This Spider In My St. Clair Shores Home Dangerous?

When you see spider webs, you know you have a spider problem. Should you be concerned? Not necessarily. We have many spiders in St. Clair Shores that are mostly harmless. If you remove their webs, you'll deter them from making webs in that area, and potentially reduce the spider population by removing egg sacs with the webs you remove. This is all that is needed for most spiders.

If you find spider webs in locations that are near the ground, they may be webs from brown recluse spiders or Northern black widow spiders. These are medically important spiders that can be dangerous. It is best to be proactive and contact Macomb County pest control for spider control.

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