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Mouse Control In Macomb & Oakland County, MI

Dangerous Mice Are Coming; Are You Ready For Them?

Rodents such as mice are far more dangerous than pop culture would have you believe. These rodents can chew through drywall, contaminate food and water resources, and cause physical damage with relative ease. In order to protect yourself and your family against the dangers of rodent activity, it may be wise to consider the year-round services of Maple Lane Pest Control.

For more than 40 years and counting, Maple Lane Pest Control has been Macomb, MI’s local provider of personalized, family-owned mouse control. With some of the best pest treatment programs in Macomb and Oakland County, our team can eliminate and remove rodent activity within a few treatments or less.

Our Macomb & Oakland County, MI Mouse Control Service

After you call and confirm a mouse control program through Maple Lane Pest Control, we will set to work with the following treatment regimen:

  • We always begin at the source and ask where you have seen potential mouse activity. We then inspect your kitchen, basement, pantry, and sump pumps in the basement or crawl space. We also focus on downstairs bars and entertainment spaces.
  • Next, our team will bait all areas where problems were detected, including garages, entry points, and areas under the kitchen sink. We will repair small holes and other entry points using steel wool and waterproof caulking.
  • A combination of baited and live traps allows us to offer a 120-day guarantee on mouse control services. We will happily provide mouse trap refills over the next four months and offer the use of mouse bait stations for added protection.

How To Keep Mice Out After A Professional Treatment

Professional treatments are a great way to exterminate an existing mouse colony. However, it will be up to you to make sure these results last a lifetime.

Use the following steps to keep your property safe from mice:

  • Control food and water output.
  • Seal up cracks, gaps, and crevices.
  • Invest in ongoing mouse management with Maple Lane Pest Control.

Get in touch with Maple Lane Pest Control to learn more about your mouse control options. 

Maple Lane Pest Control Can Trap Mice In A Snap!

If reliable pest management in Macomb County is what you need, look no further than Maple Lane Pest Control. Setting up a mouse management program with Maple Lane Pest Control is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Chat with us online using the text tool.
  2. Call our Warren, MI office location.
  3. Submit a contact form to get in touch with a tech.

Find out how we can protect your Macomb County home from common pest problems. We’re looking forward to serving you as soon as possible!

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