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Carpenter Ant Control In Warren, MI

The Best Carpenter Ant Control In Warren, MI

When you think of ants, you likely think of tiny insects crawling on your counters, making a nuisance of themselves; carpenter ants represent much more than a simple nuisance.

Left unchecked, carpenter ants cause a lot of problems that are costly to correct and repair. That's why our service technicians are here for you with superior pest control services in Warren, so you can keep your property protected.

Our Warren, MI Carpenter Ant Control Service

Professional carpenter ant removal is challenging yet is the only viable solution you have when facing an active infestation. Upon arrival, we don't waste any time and get right to work after completing our inspection to minimize the impact on your home or place of business.

During the inspection, our service technicians look for the source of activity, the severity of your infestation, and the best methods of eliminating carpenter ants from the premises.

We'll tackle the outside perimeter during treatment and spray the baseboards inside. In addition, we'll use baits made specifically for carpenter ants to ensure the best results.

Also, we'll use an injectable powder to specifically target the carpenter ants burrowed in your building, depending on the source of activity. We may have to do some drilling before injecting the powder in some cases.

After treatment, we'll set you up with an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure you remain free of carpenter ants and other pests common to the area.

What Carpenter Ants Do To Your Property

Unlike other species, this one is known for causing extreme property damage given enough time and a large enough colony. They burrow deep into your own by tunneling through the wood.

Unlike termites, they don't eat the wood, meaning they also seek out food and water sources, encouraging them to spread out, making the infestation grow rapidly over time. For these reasons and more, it's always best to leave carpenter ant control in the hands of trained professionals.

Our Macomb County pest control service technicians have the resources and experience needed to eliminate your carpenter ant problems today and prevent them from making a return appearance for guaranteed results. If you're ready to say goodbye to carpenter ants, reach out to Maple Lane Pest Control. Contact us for a free quote today to get started with excellent home pest control and commercial exterminator solutions in Warren!

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