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What You Should Know About Carpenter Bees In Warren

May 30, 2022 - Carpenter Bees

This is the time of year to be thinking about carpenter bees in Warren. This is the time of year when these bees are likely to start showing up in your yard and, of all the big, fat, fuzzy bees that can come into your yard, these are the worst.

Let's take a look at a few facts you should know about carpenter bees and discuss how carpenter bee pest control in Warren works to protect your property and eliminate carpenter bees for good.

What Carpenter Bees Look Like

When you see carpenter bees around your house, you might think they're bumble bees. These fuzzy bees look like bumble bees. You can tell them apart by looking at the abdomen. A carpenter bee will be visibly hairless from the middle of its body to the end, and its abdomen will appear shiny and black. A bumble bee has yellow and black hairs on its abdomen.

There are also differences in where these two bees will hang out. Carpenter bees are going to be buzzing around near your deck, fence, shed, and other structures that have unpainted, unstained, or untreated wood. Bumble bees will only do this if you have flowers in these areas, or if they have created a nest. Bumble bees nest in voids and cavities. Carpenter bees do not. That brings us to the next important fact you should know about carpenter bees.

Where Carpenter Bees Nest

When carpenter bees nest on your property, it can be a problem. These insects tunnel into wood and this can cause damage. Here are a few things you should know about carpenter bees and their nests:

  • One carpenter bee will only create a tunnel that is 4 to 6 inches long, but they will extend tunnels each year when they return.
  • You can identify carpenter bee tunnels by the fact that they are perfectly round.
  • Get low and look up to see tunnels in your deck or in other structures. Carpenter bees often cling to the bottom of wood and tunnel upwards.
  • If you see carpenter bees around your house, they may be hovering near a nesting site. This can alert you to a problem and help you find a carpenter bee's nest on your property.
  • If you have several carpenter bees nesting on your property, you're likely to hear them. These bees make a crunching noise as they build tunnels.

When you locate a carpenter bee's nest or notice carpenter bee activity, it is best to contact a licensed pest control professional to get rid of carpenter bees professionally. Improper treatment of nests can cause more damage.

How To Remove Carpenter Bees

A professional uses specialized knowledge and equipment to properly treat carpenter bee tunnels and seal them up. It is tricky to address these nests because carpenter bees create a 90 degree bend in their tunnels. This can protect them from pest control products.

If you attempt to spray them or seal the holes, it can cause the trapped bee to create extensive tunnels to get out another way. If you're in Warren, contact Maple Lane Pest Control to get rid of carpenter bees professionally.

How To Prevent Carpenter Bees

While it is impossible to keep carpenter bees away, there are several things you can do to prevent carpenter bees in Warren from damaging your property. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Paint or stain the wood of your decks, fences, and other structures. 
  • Apply metal flashing to the ends of boards.
  • Address flowering weeds in your landscaping and lawn.

When you want the best prevention possible, or you want to eliminate carpenter bees for good, reach out to Maple Lane Pest Control. We offer targeted carpenter bee control and address nesting sites, and we also offer ongoing residential pest control to help keep carpenter bees away from your home. If you'd like to learn more, we'd love to speak with you about your pest control needs.

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