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How Bad Is It To Have Earwigs In My Warren Home?

September 28, 2022 - Earwigs

When you thought their name alone was puzzling, their appearance is downright disturbing. Earwigs look so menacing that it’s almost unfathomable to believe they’re harmless. But even though these insects don’t mean you any harm, Maple Lane Pest Control knows the potential damage they can do to your garden. That’s why we provide the most effective pest control in Warren to quickly get rid of earwig bugs in and around your home.

What Are Earwigs?

If you’re into folklore and old wives' tales, you may recall that frightening, fictitious story of creepy-looking bugs crawling into the ears of unsuspecting, sleeping people to lay eggs in their brains. And despite their name deriving from such a horrifying urban legend, no evidence proves this narrative is authentic. And although earwigs appear menacing, they pose no physical harm to people or pets. These insects are often called pincher bugs because of their pincer appendages, usually dark brownish-red with light yellow legs and wings. Here are three facts about earwigs that you may find fascinating:

  1. They are not fond of your home. Earwigs prefer extremely damp environments, especially for laying eggs, and often end up in your house by mistake while searching for food. 
  2. They smell terrible. Earwigs produce pheromones during mating, and some emit a foul stench when disturbed. The offensive odor is also a defense mechanism to thwart their predators. 
  3. They are night owls. Earwigs are most active when it gets dark and spend that time foraging for food. 

You’re more likely to see a large group of earwigs hanging out in your backyard than somewhere inside your home. But even with their harmless nature, their ability to give off an unpleasant odor may be an issue that requires professional earwig control. Therefore, contact your local pest management company for their assistance.

Is It Dangerous To Have Earwigs In My House?

It's hard to imagine that an insect so hideous could be completely harmless. Fortunately, that describes an earwig perfectly. Despite their unsightly outward appearance, these insects aren’t venomous, do not sting, and are not dangerous. Earwigs do not behave aggressively; however, if one was to pinch you with their forceps or pincers, there may be some slight temporary discomfort. The only real danger earwigs may cause to your garden plants as these bugs love feasting on seedlings. There are a variety of scents that naturally repel these insects that can potentially save your garden from becoming infested. Below are five essential oils to try that make for an effective and natural earwig repellent:

  1. Eucalyptus oil
  2. Lavender oil
  3. Clove oil
  4. Peppermint oil
  5. Rosemary oil

Soak cotton balls in any of these oils and place them in and around your garden to prevent large groups of earwigs from congregating. Additionally, you can plant basil in your garden, which makes the best option as you’re naturally integrating an effective repellent without extra effort. If your earwig problem is getting out of hand, consider contacting a reputable pest control service for their assistance.  

Why Do I Have Earwigs In My House?

If you see earwigs in your house, they took a wrong turn while out searching for food. Unlike common household pests that purposefully find ways to sneak into your home, earwigs have most likely gotten in by mistake. These bugs don’t find the inside of your home appealing at all. Earwigs prefer damp and moist areas to breed, and your residence lacks the super intense humidity they crave. But to prevent their occurrence, cut off their food and water supply by immediately cleaning up food and beverage spills. Also, examine your home to ensure you don’t have gaps, cracks, or other openings that serve as entry points for pests.  

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Earwigs?

Finding earwig bugs in your Warren home may cause quite a fright, mainly because of their strange and spooky appearance. And if you’ve never encountered these insects, you may be confused about what they are. Professional pest control is best for managing the situation if you're dealing with an earwig problem.

The team here at Maple Lane Pest Control has staked our reputation for providing exceptional customer service for our Warren community for more than 40 years. We work closely with you to develop a specialized treatment program that suits your needs, lifestyle, and desired outcome. We help to bring back that quality pest-free living that you deserve. Get in touch with us today to request your free quote.