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A Helpful Spider Prevention Guide For Warren Homeowners

September 21, 2022 - Spiders

One of the most common phobias experienced by many people is spiders. Not only are they disturbing-looking creatures, but certain species have a bite that can cause physical harm to people. Thankfully, at Maple Lane Pest Control, our knowledgeable and experienced technicians have all the resources necessary to provide the most effective pest control in Warren to get rid of spiders.

Species Of Spiders Commonly Found In Warren

Michigan is home to approximately 500 species of spiders that range from harmless to dangerous. So, if you’re a resident of the Great Lake State, you’ll likely experience multiple encounters with arachnids during your life here. Fortunately, there are only two species in your area that are medically significant, meaning that their bites can cause a severe amount of harm. It would be best if you avoided the black widow spider and the northern yellow sac spider at all costs. A bite from the former can cause tissue necrosis, while a bite from the latter can result in open sores, significant swelling, and pain. The brown recluse, another dangerous spider, is rare to find in Warren due to their inability to survive the cold weather during the winter months.

Spiders characterized as a low-risk threat include jumping spiders, fishing spiders, orb weavers, wolf spiders, and grass spiders. Most of these harmless arachnids can be commonly found on decks and patios or nestled within gardens. They’re also known to construct large and intricate webs. But no matter the type, contact your local pest control to take care of all spiders in Warren.

Some Spiders Are More Dangerous Than Others

Despite their threatening appearance, many spiders in the United States are not dangerous to humans, even though the harmful ones get most of the attention, creating a lot of alarm. The most dangerous spiders in North America are the black widow and brown recluse. But the majority of your garden variety arachnids are simply nuisance pests that give homeowners quite a fright. 

Six Naturally Effective Spider Prevention Tips For Around Your House

When it comes to proper insect control, prevention will always be your first line of defense to avoid encounters with common house spiders. The primary way to achieve this outcome is to create an environment that repels arachnids and any other pest that may find your home irresistible. And with society’s shift towards more holistic and natural living, it’s no wonder that so many non-toxic, alternative options are available to help you keep spiders at bay. Here are six of them:

  1. Create an essential oil mixture with alcohol and water to make a spray to apply where spiders are most likely to intrude into your home. Peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender oils make excellent options. 
  2. Fill any holes, cracks, gaps, or openings in your home’s foundation, vents, screens, or other possible entry points for pests to gain access into your home. Try using materials like latex concrete caulk, silicone, or polyurethane.
  3. Place cedar inside dark areas of your home, such as your closets, chests, and drawers.
  4. Turn your porch lights off when it gets dark outside so spiders are not drawn to your house while searching for food. 
  5. Keep the inside of your home as tidy and well-kept as possible. Spiders are drawn to dusty areas when laying their eggs.
  6. Spray or spread diatomaceous earth around the perimeter of your property, including your gardens, decks, and porches. 

Also, consistency is the key. Putting the steps mentioned above into action is only as effective as the effort you make to implement them. But these tips will not eradicate the spiders already inside your house. Contact Maple Lane Pest Control to conduct a complete inspection of your property so we can develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Professional Pest Control Is The Best Way To Keep The Spiders Out

Take the guesswork out of finding the fastest way to prevent spiders in your home when local pest control professionals are merely a phone call or email away. They’re well-equipped to handle the different kinds of spiders you may encounter. Experienced technicians also have access to the latest products and practices that the average homeowner does not.

Here at Maple Lane Pest Control, we’ve been providing the most effective solutions to eradicate nuisance pests for our Warren residents for more than 40 years. We aim to transform your indoor and outdoor living spaces into a relaxing pest-free oasis. Let us devise an action plan that meets your needs. Contact us today to schedule your no-obligation inspection.

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