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Bees In Warren, MI

What are bees?

Bees are flying insects that collect pollen and nectar and regularly invade our yards. Like other stinging insects, both bees and hornets have a stinger extending from their hind end. They use their stinger as a means of defense.

The most common species of bees and other stinging insects in our area are:

  • Carpenter bees are a solitary species of bee whose females create nests in pieces of wood, preferring untreated or weathered wood.
  • Bald-faced hornets are aggressive stinging insects known for their large size, painful stings, and black and white coloring. Bald-faced hornets are not true hornets but are referred to as hornets because of their large size and aggressive nature.
  • German yellow jackets, though also not true hornets, are extremely aggressive like most hornet species. They will, without hesitation, defend their nest from any threat by delivering multiple stings.
  • Ground bees are solitary bees that build underground nesting galleries.

Whatever the species, Maple Lane Pest Control offers reliable pest control options in Warren to eliminate bees and other stinging insects from your property.

Are bees dangerous?

If you are ever stung by a bee, you will certainly know it, their stings are quite painful, and they can sting victims multiple times. Not only is the sting itself a problem so is the venom they inject. Bee venom is powerful enough to trigger serious allergic reactions in some people. Reactions to stinging insects venom vary from mild swelling at the bite site to a full-body response affecting a person’s ability to breathe. In extreme cases, life-threatening anaphylaxis can occur.

In the case of the carpenter bee, they are also destructive. They will reuse their nests year after year, tunneling deeper into the wood they have invaded each time. Over time, carpenter bees nesting on your property will cause structural damage. Though carpenter bees create solitary nests, many carpenter bees may live in the same area or nest in the same piece of wood.

Why do I have a bee problem?

Bees and other stinging insects are common to discover nesting in our yards. Our yards provide most stinging insects with the things they need to survive, like food, appropriate nesting sites, and access to water.

Noticing just a few random bees in your yard usually isn’t much cause for concern and generally indicates that they are on your property just looking for food. However, if you see large swarms of bees in your yard, likely a nest or, in the case of solitary species, several nests are present.

Where will I find bees?

The warm months of the year, spring and summer, are when you are most likely to experience problems with bees. Bees place their nests in trees, shrubs, or pieces of wood or wooden structures (fences, wooden furniture, deck rails, wood shingles, and trim).

  • Bees also nest under roof eaves, porch steps, or decks.
  • Ground bees build nests in the ground, the entrances found in bare patches in our lawns.

Though bees mainly nest outside, sometimes they find a way into our homes and build a nest. Our wall voids, chimneys, and attics provide them with protected shelter from the elements and predators.

How do I get rid of bees?

Turn to Maple Lane Pest Control to help rid your Macomb County property of bees that have become a danger to you and your family. With over 40 years of experience in the pest control industry, you can trust us to remove bee nests from your property safely.

Our Warren, MI pest professionals will find all the nesting sites, get to the root of your bee problem, remove the nests, perform effective treatments, and then put in place a regular home pest control or commercial exterminator program to ensure bees won’t take over your Michigan property in the future.

If bees are buzzing around your property and making it impossible to enjoy your outdoor space, reach out today and speak with one of our helpful and dedicated professionals!

How can I prevent bees in the future?

Preventing bees and hornets from flying into your yard is a difficult task. Your best bet is to partner with a professional that can provide routine services to remove bees before they have the chance to take over.

In addition to professional pest control, doing things like limiting flowering vegetation in your yard, staining or painting wooden structures on your property, filling in ground holes, and keeping lids on trash cans will make your yard less attractive to bees.

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