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Ant Control In Warren, MI

Customized Ant Control For Your Warren Home

Finding ants in your house during the warmer months of the year is not uncommon. For many homeowners, ants are a yearly problem they deal with by treating the symptoms and hoping the ants leave on their own. Although this approach can sometimes seem to work, it doesn’t get to the source of the problem, which leaves your home open to recurring ant problems. Furthermore, some ants are more than a nuisance and can be dangerous to your home or family.

Getting to the root of your ant problem requires the help of professionals who are knowledgeable about the ant species in the Warren area. Maple Lane Pest Control is that company. We have been serving Warren with customized pest solutions for problems of all kinds.

Our Warren, MI Ant Control Service

Ants may all look somewhat similar, but that’s where their similarities end. We’ll begin our ant control by inspecting your home to identify the species of ants in your house to provide the most effective treatments.

Knowing what species has invaded is important for a couple of reasons. First, it alerts you to the potential problems they might cause. While some ant species are simply a nuisance, others can damage your house or spread illnesses. Knowing what you’re dealing with can help you take the proper precautions against them. Second, it’s important to know what species of ant is in your house so that they can be properly treated. Different species respond better to different treatment methods and products.

Once we know what ants are in your house, we’ll tailor a treatment plan to your needs. To protect the interior of your house from ants that are outside, we’ll apply an exterior perimeter treatment and an interior baseboard treatment.

If odorous house ants are in your house, we’ll use an ant gel specifically designed to eliminate these pests. Because each type of ant prefers a different flavor, we use various baits based on the ant species in your house.

A slightly more aggressive treatment plan is necessary if carpenter ants are in your house. Carpenter ants will damage the wooden structures in your home, so they must be fully eliminated. We’ll use a powder that we inject in areas where carpenter ant activity is found. In some cases, we’ll need to drill into areas in order to inject the treatment.

Ant Control That Works In Warren, MI

Setting out bait and hoping for the best is not an effective way to eliminate an infestation when it comes to ants. Instead, you need a pest control company in Macomb County that has extensive knowledge about the various ant species in our area and knows what specific treatment methods work best against each of those species. Maple Lane Pest Control will customize an ant control plan to meet your home’s needs to completely eliminate your ant infestation. Contact us for a free quote today or to learn more about our Warren home pest control and commercial exterminator services.

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