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Reliable Cockroach Control in Oakland & Macomb County

Most people aren’t interested in identifying which bug they have; the priority is simply extermination. Does it really matter what type of cockroach is in your house or business? One of the secrets of getting rid of insects and pests is to know what you’re dealing with because the nesting and eating habits can help find the prevention solution. At Maple Lane Pest Control in Macomb County, we offer tailored roach control for removal and deterrence.


These types of cockroaches are the most common in North America:

  • German - light brown or tan in color with two black horizontal stripes on their back
  • American - they have a yellow band behind their head and normally come in a mahogany color
  • Wood - adults are tan with a white or transparent strip on their outer edge
  • Smoky brown - brownish-black in coloration, can get up to one-and-a-half inches with wings that extend past the body

Roaches need moisture to survive. The smallest drops of water are often enough for them to build a nest around. When exterminating these pests, it’s important to look at the source of what made them make a nest in your home to keep them from returning.

Removal & Prevention in Oakland County

Although cockroaches generally don’t bite, they do carry disease. In a home which has been heavily infested, the children may develop asthma-like symptoms. We provide removal, extermination and prevention services to get rid of these pests and keep your home insect-free. In addition to taking care of roaches, we also offer ant control solutions.

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Our technicians have multiple treatment options for cockroach control. Call us at 800-870-7096 for extermination and prevention in your home or business in Warren, Troy, Sterling Heights, Saint Clair Shores, Rochester, Oakland County, Madison Heights, Macomb County and Grosse Points.


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