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Reliable Mosquito Control Services in Oakland & Macomb County

Bee and wasp stings may be quite painful, but a mosquito bite is one of the worst things about the summertime. At least with larger insects, you can see them and try to avoid the bite. Mosquitos just seem to be ubiquitous and unavoidable. Although you certainly can’t eradicate the little creature, Maple Lane Pest Control in Macomb County can certainly reduce the number of breeding sites to prevent an infestation.

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Mosquitos need water to give birth. It’s not the lakes and ponds where they congregate; it’s water that doesn’t move that becomes their breeding grounds. When water accumulates in your yard or drainage ditch, this is where they lay their eggs. Discarded containers and trees can also become breeding grounds. Our technicians look for these problem spots when we come to your home for eradication.

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Mosquitoes are carriers of West Nile virus and the Zika virus. Michigan has not had as many cases of West Nile as other states, but the thumb of the state has been the area hit the hardest. Our technicians come to your home to find solutions which work for your yard. We have multiple methods of reducing the number of mosquitos in your yard, all of which have been scientifically proven. Eradication may not be possible yet, but by targeting breeding and nesting grounds, we do have the capability to seriously reduce the population.

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We serve homes and businesses in Oakland County, Rochester, Warren, Sterling Heights, Troy, Madison Heights, Macomb County, Saint Clair Shores and Grosse Points. When you need mosquito control or bee removal, call us at 800-870-7096. Take back your yard from the pests that prevent you and your family from enjoying your home.


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