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What to Do If You See a Mouse in Your House

Have you seen a mouse in your home recently? If you have actually seen a mouse inside your house, chances are good it is not alone. Mice reproduce very quickly, and before you know it, one mouse can lead to an infestation. Here's what you need to do if you suspect a rodent is living in your home.

Start Cleaning

The first thing to do if you see a mouse is to clean up any alluring crumbs, dishes or packages that could be attracting them. Pick up your pet's dishes at night and don't leave dry food out all day. Mop the perimeter of rooms which is the path that mice may be taking to explore your home.

Set Traps

To catch the mouse, even if you’re planning to catch the mouse without killing it, you will need to set a trap. When baiting your traps, try these tips:
  • Bait your trap with peanut butter. Instead of the conventional cheese, which can dry up and cause problems in electronic traps, bait your traps with peanut butter. It makes it easy to spread on the sides of electronic traps, and always works well in snap-traps. Plus, it doesn't dry up or shrivel over time.
  • Wear latex or plastic gloves. When handling your traps and baiting rodents, you’ll want to wear gloves so you won’t leave a human scent on the trap, which will repel rodents.
  • Use dry pet kibble. Rodents like pet food so you can use it as an inexpensive and very alluring bait for any type of trap.
  • Use chocolate. Another excellent bait for your traps is chocolate. In fact, many homeowners or tenants don't know they have a mouse problem until they notice candy being nibbled and gnawed when left out, even when it is tightly wrapped.
There are other traps, for example, electronic traps are likely the most humane, and snap-traps are the most economical, however, glue traps are quite controversial as they have been deemed an inhumane way to exterminate rodents.

Plug the Holes

Rodents need a way to gain access to your home, and typically they enter through cracks and crevices in your home's interior or exterior structure. These holes and spaces are usually tiny, and mice have no problem slipping through gaps around windows or doors that don't appear to be large enough. Some other ways these clever little creatures get in are:
  • Around the holes for pipes, plumbing, or wiring in the walls.
  • Around your fireplace.
  • In the corners of closets, on the floor.
  • In basements or crawl spaces.
  • Through the attic.
  • Behind appliances, like the stove, clothes dryer, or refrigerator.
  • Through exterior vents.
  • Under eaves.
Once you’ve caught your first mouse, you might be wondering what to do next. Re-bait, reset and don't become complacent about setting your traps. It is unlikely that the one mouse you’ve trapped is the only unwelcome visitor that you have lurking.

Call an Exterminator

It is a good idea to immediately contact a professional exterminator to ensure you have resolved the rodent problem in your home. Mice can cause a lot of damage, and rodents in-general pose some health risks to anyone who lives in the home. Some of these potential problems include:
  • Respiratory disease. Rodent droppings are toxic and can cause respiratory issues if you are living around it for an extended period.
  • Electrical damage. Mice and rats like to gnaw and it is not uncommon for them to do significant damage to the wiring and electrical of a home.
  • Fire hazard. Since they like to chew on wiring, a rodent infestation presents the risk of a fire.
  • Stress and anxiety. It is very difficult to relax and unwind when there are rodents scurrying behind your walls or overhead.
  • Possible bites. There is always the chance that a rodent can bite you when you are sleeping, which increases the risk of transmitting diseases, such as rabies and infection.
Avoid the hassle and stress of dealing with a mouse problem and call the professionals at Maple Lane Pest Control. Don't let a single mouse become a full-blown infestation. Use these tips to make an effort to get the problem under control until the exterminator arrives.

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