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Tips to control Stink bugs and Boxelder bugs

Boxelder bug
  1. Use a quality silicone/latex caulk to seal around windows, doors, exterior openings such as gas lines, cable lines, air conditioning lines, water lines, electrical lines, phone lines, etc. around the foundation of the home, where the house and the concrete meet, chimneys. Plus any other areas that could allow entry into the house.
  2. Repair screens for doors and windows. Screen attic and crawlspace vents.
  3. DO NOT CRUSH STINK BUG!!! It creates a foul odor that has been reported as bad as skunks! Vacuum them or pick them up with a tissue and remove them from the building or flush them down the toilet.
  4. Some customers have had success by treating the trees and shrubs around the property with a properly labeled pesticide.
  5. You can use a mix of 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap to 1 gallon of water, put in a spray bottle and treat directly to insect. It will kill the insect quickly.
  6. Call in the early fall, when they start to congregate on the sunny sides of the building for an exterior application, which will reduce the population trying to enter the home for the winter.

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