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The Michigan Spiders You Need to Know

Spider in his cobweb
If spiders freak you out, you are not alone. Many Michigan residents dread the thought of opening a drawer or reaching into a dark corner only to be bitten by a venomous spider. One way to prevent spiders from harming you or your family is to hire pest control services.
You can also prevent many of the problems presented by spiders by paying close attention to the types of spiders that live in your area. This guide will show you some of the spiders that live in Michigan.
The Northern Black Widow Spider
One of the two venomous spiders in Michigan is the black widow, which is found especially on the western side of the lower peninsula.
The black widow is a small spider that is most often black, though the females present a red hourglass shape on their backs. While the males are still creepy, only a female black widow spider bite is harmful to humans.
The Brown Recluse Spider
The brown recluse has been recently found throughout Michigan, specifically dry areas. The brown recluse is not common in the area and is not native to Michigan, but you should still be on the lookout for these spiders.
The brown recluse is brown, as its name implies. You may notice a small violin-shaped mark on its back. These spiders are about the size of a quarter.
The brown recluse is most commonly found in dark places away from people. The spiders hide in attics, garages, and even trash cans. They are frequently transported in boxes and other materials via truck or train.
The Wolf Spider
The wolf spider is mildly poisonous, and its large form is likely more than enough to get you to stay away from them. These spiders are also not passive like others. Rather than making a web, these creatures hunt down their meals.
In addition to being active, the wolf spider also lives in the ground. This means that you need not spot a web in order to realize that you are contending with spiders in your home or on your property.
The Fishing Spider
While not poisonous to humans, the fishing spider is still off-putting to look at if you fear spiders. This creature can actually use the surface of the water to get around, making it a foe for insects that hang around lakes, rivers, and puddles.
Fishing spiders look similar to wolf spiders, but they are typically a bit bigger. Generally speaking, fishing spiders live near water in places like tree stumps and even under rocks.
The Jumping Spider
The jumping spider, while somewhat scary to look at, is not poisonous. In fact, the jumping spider has hundreds of different species and is one of the most common spiders in the United States.
Jumping spiders are experts at blending in with their surroundings. In brown, they can blend in well with surrounding wildlife. They are also great at working their way into homes, apartment buildings, and other shelters.
Managing Michigan Spiders
Spiders offer many benefits to the world around them. They eat insects that can cause harm to homes, crops, and people. While spiders have a lot to offer the world, not everybody is happy with them making their way inside during the cold winter months.
Managing spiders is crucial for anybody who lives in one of the parts of the state that is home to the creatures. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep spiders at bay.
Call Maple Lane Pest Control to learn more about your options. Our pest control specialists can help you deal with spiders and other critters in your home. 

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