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Recognizing the First Signs of a Potential Spider Infestation

Though most spiders are simply harmless pests, allowing even a few to thrive and nest in your home can lead to an all out invasion. Here are some of the first signs of a spider infestation to watch out for.

Making Home Everywhere

Cornered areas like windowsills, showers, closets and cabinets make it easy for spiders to build webs. However, different species prefer different types of environment. Some build burrows or inhabit nooks and crannies. Frequent inspection of dark and humid areas of your home and property is essential. Make sure to check crawlspaces, basements and attics for evidence of activity.

Egg Sacks

Many spider species actively seek the indoors once the weather starts to become inhospitable. During this time individuals come inside to seek mates and a safe place to lay and protect their unborn offspring. Eggs are deposited in small silken sacs that look a little like a tiny, compact cotton ball. Each sac can contain as many as 100 eggs, which hatch all at once.

Number of Them in Your Home

While one or two spiders every now and then isn't such a burden, small infestations that are not addressed can quickly get out of control. If you suspect that you could have a problem, it's a good idea to get in touch with a local pest control company. In addition to eliminating your current population of eight legged invaders, they should be able to help you to take steps to prevent another infestation. Call Maple Lane Pest Control in Warren at 800-870-7096.

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