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Caring for a Senior Loved One: 5 Things You Should Know About Protecting Them From Mosquitos

In the past, mosquitoes represented little more than a nuisance. In fact, it was hard to tell which was worse that annoying buzzing sound they make or the resulting itchy bite. Unfortunately, mosquitoes now represent a real threat to the population by spreading diseases, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control states that adults over the age of 60 are at greater risk for experiencing serious effects if they are infected with West Nile Disease.
Since prevention is always best when it comes to protecting your loved one's health, use these tips to keep them safe from mosquitoes this season.

Avoid Being Outside During Prime Time

Senior adults often prefer spending time outside in the early morning or evening hours when the temperatures are cooler. Unfortunately, catching that morning sunrise places your loved one at risk for mosquito bites since these hours are when they tend to swarm. Try to avoid taking your loved one outside during dusk or dawn, and ask family members to plan outdoor events for the middle of the day.

Choose the Right Clothing

You can use your loved one's clothing to create a barrier that makes it harder for mosquitoes to bite. When picking out their clothing, select lightweight, long-sleeved shirts and loose pants that cover your loved one's skin but still allows them to stay cool.
You can even find clothing with mosquito-repellant in the fabric to add another layer of protection. Add on a hat and shoes that cover their whole feet to make sure that as much skin is covered by fabric as possible.

Stay on Top of Home Maintenance

Homeowners sometimes inadvertently draw mosquitoes to their home by allowing water to collect in their backyard gardens. Make sure to clean out your loved one's birdbath once a week, and wipe out the bottom to make sure any mosquito eggs are removed. It is also important to repair leaky fixtures before they contribute to mosquito breeding grounds.
Cutting the grass and bushes short is another way to use their regular home maintenance routine to give adult mosquitoes less places to rest around your loved one's house. Scheduling a professional inspection is also an effective way of managing mosquito populations in places that you may overlook.

Use Mosquito Repellants for Outdoor Activities

No one particularly likes the smell of bug spray, but it does go a long way toward preventing mosquito bites. If your loved one is sensitive to aerosol sprays, then look for mosquito repellants that come in towel wipes or lotions that do not create a fine mist. You can also use natural mosquito repellants such as citronella at your outdoor events to further prevent those unwanted guests.

Establish Barriers to Prevent Contact With Mosquitoes

Fortunately, your loved one is not so at risk that they have to sleep with a mosquito net, but mosquito nets are useful for when you are spending time outside. Get your loved one a hammock with mosquito protection that they can enjoy resting in for their outdoor reading time, or set up a tent for your loved one to use as a shelter during your annual family picnic at the park. At home, check the door and window screens to make sure that they will effectively keep mosquitoes out of the house when your loved one lets in the fresh air on a beautiful day.
Our pest control technicians at Maple Lane Pest Control are experts at finding common mosquito breeding areas in Macomb County and its surrounding communities. Although it is almost impossible to eliminate every mosquito, we are always ready to lend you a helping hand at keeping your loved one safe by reducing the mosquito populations around their home.

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