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Professional Bee Removal & Rehoming in Oakland & Macomb County

Many of Michigan’s fruit and vegetable crops rely on bees for pollination. Blueberries and cherries are almost 90 percent dependent on this flying creature. Although bees are beneficial to nature, they are also very territorial and will attack. Getting rid of insects which sting should only be handled by professionals. If you have a nest of carpenter, yellow jackets, bald face, hornets, wasps in your Macomb County backyard, home or business, call Maple Lane Pest Control for bee removal and control to protect yourself and the environment.


Bees can and do often get into your home to nest in walls, basements and roofs. We have treatment methods to remove them from your property, whether they are inside or out. Then, as part of our service, we offer prevention solutions to keep them from returning and making a nest. 

Wasp Control & Prevention

The wasp, yellow jacket and hornet are also stinging insects which will bite. Many people are highly sensitive to the venom, but even if you are not, you should have a professional technician handle any wasp or hornet pest control. Call us to get rid of stinging insects from your home.

We control these types of insects:

  • Yellow jackets
  • Bald face hornets​

  • Mud daubers
  • Paper wasps

Also Serving The Oakland County Area

When you need insect control, call our office at 800-870-7096. We provide roach control for homes and businesses in Grosse Points, Macomb County, Madison Heights, Oakland County, Rochester, Saint Clair Shores, Sterling Heights, Troy and Warren. We’ve been getting rid of rodents and insects in the community for many years. We keep your family safe.


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