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Effective Ant Control in Oakland & Macomb County

Ants are one of the smallest pests common to North America. They can easily infiltrate your home or business through the tiniest cracks. What’s worse is that they leave a chemical trail that lets the colony follow the path to the new nest. At Maple Lane Pest Control in Macomb County, we have technicians who specialize in ant control and extermination to prevent damage to your property.


The most common ant we see in southern Michigan is the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants love wood and moisture. They nest inside the walls or the foundation of the home, eating away at the structure of the building. When left to their own devices, they keep multiplying and creating more damage. We offer treatment, extermination and prevention. Home remedies just keep the ants at bay. Often, the nest is much larger than people realize. We provide extermination, then we work on prevention. Our technicians offer suggestions about keeping ants and other pests from entering your home or business.

Quality Extermination & Prevention

Getting rid carpenter, pavement, pharaoh and odorous house ants is a process we take seriously. Here’s what we do:

  • Assess the situation to find the source, entry points and damage to the home.
  • Implement methods to get rid of the ants and provide suggestions to prevent future infestations.
  • Monitor the situation with annual inspections to ensure the pests are gone.

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We have dedicated technicians who can quickly identify the source of your pest infestation and get it taken care of. Call our office at 800-870-7096 for rodent control and prevention, too. We serve businesses and homes in Macomb County, Oakland County, Warren, Sterling Heights, Troy, Madison Heights, Grosse Points, Saint Clair Shores and Rochester.


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